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A Modernized Google Keep Plus My Favorite Features

By / February 5, 2019

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Do you remember trapper keepers? Google Keep reminds me of my favorite trapper keeper so much so that I often think of it as my “Google Keeper”.

Google Keep is Google’s note-taking app and the latest to receive the brand’s updated modern design. While the look is phenomenal on both web and mobile interfaces, functionality is pretty much the same - and I’m not complaining.

While there are tons of things Google Keep has to offer, I’d like to highlight a few that particularly keep me organized -

Virtual Post-it Notes

Post-it notes used to cover my computer… each of them color-coded for both purpose and prioritization. When I discovered Google Keep, I was instantly hooked. Not only can I color code my now-virtual post-it notes, I can even share and collaborate on them with others. Not to mention the tranquility of not having a paper mess on my desk!

Converting Notes to Checklists

Keep allows you to quickly convert notes to checklists. This makes it extremely easy to transition meeting notes into action item lists.

Collaborative Checklists

Because Google Keep is cloud-based, you can share and collaborate on your action item checklists. This is great for sharing tasks with coworkers. The ability to color code helps everyone pick out their individual responsibilities, keeping things running as efficiently as possible.

Prioritizing and Staying Organized

Sometimes Google Keep feels like my virtual assistant. If something needs immediate attention, it’s simple to pin the item to the top of a list. Setting repetitive time-specific reminders keeps me on top of day-to-day priorities. The mobile app helps me never miss a beat even if I have to step away from my computer.

Fun Extras

Additional fun and helpful extras you can leverage include audio recordings, photos and drawing pictures.

The options are pretty endless. If there’s something you need Google Keep to do in order to meet your specific note-taking needs, there’s a good chance there’s a relevant feature or - at the very least - a workaround.