Automate and Scale Partner Sales

Let your channel focus on sales, not manual processes. Empower them to create deals, convert opportunities, and complete purchases on one platform.

Create, Manage, and Distribute Leads

Grant exclusive access to partners to create and manage leads. Configure your platform to distribute qualified leads to the right partner through automated workflows or allow partners to instantly convert leads.

Ease the quoting process

Let your resellers create and manage quotes for qualified opportunities with a built-in approval process. Accelerate sales by automating custom pricing request and approval workflows. Monitor activities through audit logs.

Streamline Purchase Workflows

Create a frictionless purchasing process through a modern and dynamic checkout flow that supports bundles, discounts, price changes, and all forms of payment methods.

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Automate provisioning and user assignment

Automatically create customer accounts and grant end-users access privileges once resellers place orders. Automate user assignment through easy endpoint integrations.

Customize and personalize notifications

Manage and personalize notifications to resellers and end customers across a comprehensive set of events. Customize the content and control the timing and trigger to ensure that the right people are hearing the right message at the right time.

Integrate with core business systems

Integrate AppReseller with your existing CRM, ERP, or any other core internal system through AppDirect’s connectors technology.