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The AppDirect Developer Incubator is a program designed to help you make the jump from developer to entrepreneur.

Work at AppDirect and get a chance to launch your own startup, complete with funding and incubator-style support.


How it works

  1. Submit your resume

    Tell us about yourself using the application form below.

  2. Talk to a member of our team

    If we think you're a fit, you'll receive a call from AppDirect in short order.

  3. Get to know us in person

    Visit our office for a half-day coding interview (airfare and lodging are on us).

  4. Start working at AppDirect

    Receive an offer to become a full-time member of the AppDirect team.

Who we want

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned engineer, or just starting out. If you write mean code, we want to hear from you.

What we’re looking for

  • Back-end candidates: Proficiency in Java and SQL; ability to integrate a web application
  • Front-end candidates: Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5
  • Effective communicators with the ability to articulate technical problems in clear, simple terms
  • People who understand and share in our passion for AppDirect’s core values


Sharpen Your Skillset

Spend two and a half years working as a core member of our engineering team before working on your startup in year three. You’ll manage your own projects and workflow while collaborating with incredible people all over the world.

At AppDirect, you’ll benefit from professional development through intense technical training and mission-critical projects, not to mention the opportunity to have a huge impact on the way software is distributed over the web.

What We're Offering

  • Coaching, mentoring, and training by some of our best technical and business leaders
  • New challenges around identity and access management, distributed deployments, subscription billing, payment management, and more
  • Become part of the team that designs, develops, and owns the world’s largest network of cloud service marketplaces
  • Opportunity to move into different specialities and learning paths, becoming an expert in your chosen passion
  • Insight into every aspect of how a software company runs: Management, finance, business development, marketing, and product
  • The chance to influence the direction of a revolutionary company, and change how software is developed, discovered, sold, and used
  • Relocation support for candidates who reside outside of the Bay Area: $5,000 for moving expenses and housing assistance


Third Year Startups

In year three, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop a business plan, pitch it, and win funding and support to launch your own startup.

In your third year, AppDirect will offer to incubate the startup ideas of team members nominated by an outside panel.
Receive partial salary, office space, resources, and one-on-one counseling from AppDirect’s business and technical leaders.
At the end of year three, you can pitch your business plan to outside VCs for the chance to officially launch and run your own startup.

Life at AppDirect

What We Do

  • As the leading cloud service marketplace company, AppDirect has an award-winning product that enables companies like Rackspace, Appcelerator, and Deutsche Telekom to launch app stores in a matter of months. Developers can integrate once with our platform, and reach millions of users worldwide.

  • Our growing team is based in downtown San Francisco, with brand new office space and a tight-knit crew of kickass developers and designers. AppDirect employees come from top companies like Google, Salesforce, and Oracle. When you work with us, you’re working with Silicon Valley’s top talent.

  • We offer competitive pay and equity, full benefits, free food, discounted gym memberships, generous time off, 401k plans, and more. Our team has regular events, offsites, and activities you'll actually want to attend, all in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

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    • Is there a specific application deadline?

      No, we will accept applications on a rolling basis. New participants will be admitted into the program quarterly.

    • If I get accepted, do I have to start on a specific date?

      Although you will be a member of a class with other hires starting around the same time, you are encouraged to start as soon as possible after accepting your offer.

    • What kind of startups will be funded?

      The ADI program is geared towards developers who are interested in launching cloud service startups. Participants with ideas in the XaaS space will be best positioned to succeed in this program.

    • Who decides which third years receive seed funding?

      An outside panel of VC experts will consider AppDirect’s input when determining which applicants are accepted into the incubator program.

    • What do I get by being accepted to the incubator program?

      Successful applicants will be provided with office space, access to technical and other resources, advising from AppDirect leadership, introductions to VCs and other industry contacts, and distribution of their final product through the AppDirect network of marketplaces. These participants will also continue earning a portion of their AppDirect salary (see below).

    • How does the seed funding for my business work?

      Most of your funding will come from outside VCs. In addition, AppDirect will continue to supply 25 percent of your salary for six months, half of which will be paid from a private fund in the form of a one-time investment in your company as convertible debt. This will be based on your salary at the time your idea is selected.

    • What percentage of startup ideas will be funded by VCs?

      It will be determined by the panel of VCs. They may choose to fund all or no ideas, depending on the strength of the product and management team, among other factors.

    • Do I have to join the incubator program if I get accepted?

      We are always looking to retain top talent. For exceptional individuals who either choose not to apply to the incubator program, or apply and are not accepted, we may offer staff engineering positions.

    • I don't have an engineering degree. Can I still apply?

      Absolutely. If you can code, we want to hear from you, regardless of your formal education or lack thereof.

    • Are non-US Citizens allowed to apply?

      Yes, we welcome talent from all over the world. For the right candidates, we are willing to sponsor visas.

    • Will travel and lodging for interviews be reimbursed?

      Yes, for candidates living far enough outside the Bay Area that airfare and hotel are required, we will reimburse for these costs.

    • What sort of relocation assistance will be offered?

      For candidates currently living more than 250 miles away from San Francisco, up to $5,000 in relocation expenses will be provided. In addition, we will provide supplemental support such as housing location assistance and meal delivery.

    • Still have questions?

      Please email us at